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Used extensively in educational settings, maps and globes can be useful for geography classes, physics lessons and even for life skills acquisition, by developing the ability to navigate. Along with exercise books, booklets and folders, they are essential items for an educational supplier to stock. These and other vital education supplies can be sourced from the traders on

The wholesale maps industry supplies many sorts of cartography to schools suppliers. These include maps of the world, for example, which are often placed on a classroom wall as reference material. In other cases, more local products are produced by a maps provider, perhaps offering more detail of the neighbourhood of the school in question. A typical maps supplier will have a range of products – some of which are laminated for display purposes and others which are printed on folded paper to be used in the field, such as on a school science expedition. The maps wholesale industry also caters for a number of differing scales. For general use purposes, wholesale maps are produced at a scale of 1:50,000 but much larger scales are needed for maps depicting entire countries and continents. Highly-focussed local maps tend to be at scales of 1:25,000 or even 1:10,000, in some cases.

Along with cartography, many educational suppliers also stock a choice of wholesale globes. These show the planet in a three dimensional way which can help students to understand concepts like the relative position of the poles or latitude and longitude. Wholesale globes are often used to explain how certain two dimensional representations of the world are made, under various elevations, for instance. Traders looking for insights into the maps and globes wholesale market are able to do so by registering with

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