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Wholesale school bags are vital storage containers for school and college-going students and pupils. The staple school bags manufacturer trade provides a wide variety of school bag manufacturer goods which are designed to protect and house precious school books and other school supplies. Wholesale school bags from the suppliers on can be sourced to meet a number of ergonomic specifications. They come in many sizes, for example, and can be carried by hand, on the back or over the shoulder. As school books and accessories are usually quite heavy and cumbersome, and as most students have to travel distances with their school supplies, school bags are usually made from durable materials that can withstand weight and the harsher elements; reinforced polyester. Manufactured school bags also take into account sports-related items, or other extra- curricular articles that take up space, so they often come equipped with additional (and detachable) zipped compartments. Backpacks and cases fitted with wheels are very popular consumer choices because of their agility and versatility, which makes the school-goers travelling itinerary easier.

Wholesale pencil cases are essential storage containers for school-going pupils as they protect and safe-keep important writing and drawing tools. Vital schooling supplies required for study and homework, like pencils, erasers, sharpeners, mathematical instruments and pens are used frequently so access to a ready supply is imperative. The pencil case ensures these accessories are stored safely and are available to use on a regular basis. Pencil cases can be made from a variety of substances like metal, plastic and colourful threads and yarns. Novelty wholesale pencil cases are very popular, often designed in the shape of popular animals or famous children’s cartoon characters. ensures that retailers and academic institutions can find wholesale suppliers of stationary items.

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ABDB-MT1-033PR Hard cardboard pencil case

Hard cardboard pencil case with zippered compartment and elastic loops for stationery...


Academy Group Ltd.

Academy Group Ltd. is one of the companies who lead the market of branded school...


ABDB-MT1-883 Drawstring bag

Drawstring bag; for storage and transportation of shoes or clothes; capacity - 1...


A & D Homewares Co., Ltd.

A&D Homewares Co. Ltd., with its investment in onsite manufacture and extensive...



CATEGORY    :ART PORTFOLIO ITEM NO         :.AT-001A DIMENSIONS :265x350x30x1.2mm...


Quanzhou Amaze Imp & Exp Trading Co., Ltd.

China V-TRUST is a manufacturer and exporter with over 11 years experience. Our...



Backpack Trolley Kokeshi


Ambar Ideias No Papel S.A

ambar: is a reference brand, renewed, customer-driven, strategically organized...



While designing our products, we take time to make sure that all the materials we...


N.T. Arya (P.J.S.C)

N.T. Arya (P.J.S.C) is the first and the largest manufacturing company in Iran...



·         STURDY & DURABLE: Water repellent lightweight nylon fabric, 100% polyester...


Balmar 2000 S.r.l.

Founded in collaboration with Euroscatola S.p.A., Balmar 2000 has been working...

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