The term stationery is usually defined as office supplies, or writing and other office materials, and often extends to include school supplies. Such items tend to be mostly the smaller office-equipment elements, such as staplers and pens, and the overwhelming majority are considered to be 'consumables' which are stocked and reordered on a regular basis. Within the industry, it is common for a manufacturer to produce a broad range of wholesale stationery-related products. Likewise, a stationery supplier will also stock a similarly comprehensive selection of products in anticipation of the likelihood that his supplier role will include the need to supply ancillary items in addition to replenishing depleted stocks of consumables.

Far from proving a commercial threat, the advent of the digital age has arguably resulted in considerably more business for the stationery supplier. Innovative hi-tech office equipment continues to appear on a regular basis and invariably requires a range of consumables, accessories and spare parts to maintain optimum operational efficiency.

Stationery items can also include office paper, drawing tools and inks, so finding the right contacts to ensure that the supply and sale of such a large number of products goes smoothly is vital for any professional approach to business. Likewise, manufactures need to ensure that the supply of the raw materials and parts required to produce stationery products is met.

The dedicated sub-categories such as Rulers & Triangle Rulers, which covers various measuring tools, Notepads & Sticky Notes, Paper Embossing and Writing & Drawing tools will reveal the specific associated items sure to be of interest. Stationery is a necessity in one shape or form in nearly every workplace, as well as in the home and in academic institutions, from kindergartens to universities.

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