Erasing Tools

Erasing tools are a common stationary product and are used to erase and correct mistakes in written and printed documents or in artwork. These tools may take different shapes and forms, depending greatly upon their purpose. Most commonly, erasers are made from rubber or similar synthetic substitutes, and are used to remove pencil from paper. Many pencils are designed with a small eraser fitted to the top of the pencil for ease of use. Some erasers are designed to fit onto the end of any pencil. Other practical designs include plastic covers that keep the eraser clean when not in use, and erasers that are situated in plastic casing with pencil sharpeners or other stationary tools at the other end. Those looking to stock erasers can use a list of products and suppliers, such as the list compiled by, to get an even better idea of the types and variations available.

Some variations of rubber erasers are used by artists as they are more effective on certain mediums. For example erasers with a putty like consistency can be more effective for erasing charcoal or pastels and are vital for those working in design or architecture.

Erasing tools are easily dyed, moulded or cut during production. This makes it simple to produce colourful erasers and create characters, animals or objects, for example, cars or cup cakes. These designs are particularly popular with school children. Other erasing tools include liquid erasers and correction tape that can cover pen or print and let the user write over it once dry. Some specialised erasers can erase certain types of ink, such as the ink found in fountain pens. Simple block erasers, made using felt or other soft fabrics, can be used as effective erasing tools on white boards and chalkboards.

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