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Guest books are large—often ornate—books or ledgers which are kept by various kinds of businesses and places to be signed by visitors. Visitors who sign a guest book might leave a message for others to see, or a personal note directed toward the people in charge of the establishment, such as in the case of a bed & breakfast. Guest books have often been a source of interest from a historical point of view, with many famous historical names leaving poignant messages in various guest books coming to light over the years. A standard guest book can often be purchased from a typical stationary supplier who will buy many wholesale guest books before selling on to the general public. Large hotel chains may also purchase wholesale guest books for their various hotels.

There are certain specialised versions of a guest book, such as a wedding register, where wedding guests leave a message for the married couple, or a Book of Condolence, where friends and family at a funeral can leave messages about the deceased. In addition to being a potential item of historical interest, guest books can be a source of information for the owners. Certain information will be included in a guest book that can then be analysed—should the owner so wish—giving them insight into their client base. A guest book can also serve as a safety precaution in the event of an evacuation (because of fire, for example). If a guest book requires people to sign out, those signed in can be checked against those who have successfully been evacuated to see if anyone is missing.

Wholesale guest books make up a small fraction of the stationary industry, but it still pays to stay informed. can allow traders access to all the latest developments in this sector and the industry as whole.

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