Ink is a coloured liquid used to mark another material and are popular amongst crafters and artists. Inks are generally used to draw and write on paper, fabrics and other surfaces. Printing also uses inks in thicker, industrial forms. Inks contain a complex mixture of substances to achieve the consistency, colour and behaviour for any given purpose. They consist of dyes, pigments, resins, solvents and other additives that determine their final texture and appearance. Given the number of options and applications for ink, buyers will find a useful resource to locate the necessary ink trader for their needs.

A typical ink manufacturer will produce inks consisting of a colorant and a binder, with the first providing the colour and the latter providing the texture. Inks used in painting must meet exact consistencies to flow or remain static as needed. Inks used in printing or writing must dry very quickly to avoid smudges, with calligraphy and oriental writing techniques and craftsmen being dependent upon art-specific ink. Used in electrical applications, inkjet printers generally use aqueous inks based on water, which are cost effective but are susceptible to water damage.

An ink manufacturer will carefully consider the materials used to create the ink’s colour, as they can broadly affect the ink’s uses and cost. For example, pigment inks are resistant to fading and washing out, but are more expensive than dyes, which in turn have a wider colour range than pigments.

An ink trader will often stock various wholesale ink options for differing uses. Offices use inks regularly as part of stationary, due to the prevalence of inkjet printers and office stamps. They form part of a strong office supply selection, alongside notebooks, adhesives and other consumables.

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