A notebook is a small book which contains blank pages for the purpose of making notes, drawing, "scrapbooking", or any other situation that calls for a stock of paper for writing or drawing. The paper inside a notebook may be printed for different uses, such as lined paper for writing, completely blank paper for drawing, or paper covered in a grid pattern. Notebooks, depending on the intended use, may also be called writing pads, drawing pads, or legal pads. A notebooks manufacturer will often sell a range of products encompassing most variations. A notebooks manufacturer will also typically deal with a notebooks supplier, selling wholesale notebooks as opposed to making direct sales, though traders on can be contacted for any business requirements.

Notebooks can take different forms. They tend to be small in size, though there are no set dimensions that define a notebook. The paper can be bound in a number of ways, with standard options including perfect, spiral, comb, and pressure. Each method of binding the paper together has various advantages for certain situations. For example, coil binding, which involves a coil threaded through perforated holes in the paper, is ideal for notebooks where the paper is likely to be regularly torn out. Perfect binding, on the other hand, is much less expensive and for this reason it is an ideal binding method for manufacturing wholesale notebooks.

Notebooks remain popular items of stationary, acting as ideal supplements to digital ways of working. Despite the continuing advances in portable computing technology, the demand on the wholesale notebooks market is still a strong one, with offices, academic institutions and businesses facing constant demands on their stationary supplies. allows traders, buying or selling, access to all the latest information and developments related to these markets.

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