Rulers & Triangle Rulers

Rulers are essential items of stationary, enabling the user to measure and draw straight lines. Like all types of stationery, such as erasing tools, notepads and office paper, wholesale rulers are supplied to general retailers, like newsagents and supermarkets, as well as specialist office supplies companies with resources available at

Wholesale rulers tend to have two standard designs for the office and school markets. They are either 15 cm in length, which corresponds to old six inch rulers, or 30 cm long, which match twelve inch rulers. Many sport imperial measurements on one side, with the numbers laid out from left to right, and have metric measurements on the other side. This allows straight lines to be measured easily, no matter which system is being used. Sub divisions of half and quarter inches are common as well as each centimetre being divided into ten millimetre sections. The most usual material used for rulers today is plastic, but wooden ones can also be found. Longer rulers are sometimes sold, but these are most frequently aimed at the DIY market for measuring and marking out things like lengths of wood.

Along with rulers, the stationery industry also supplies set squares. A set square is also known as a triangle ruler. With three sides, a triangle ruler is used to provide a right angle and as such, is most usually put to use in technical drawing for drafting things like isometric schematics. They are also sometimes useful in maths classes which focus on geometry. A triangle ruler will always have one right angle but the other corners' angles differ, depending on the type of set square. All such products can be researched at, where professionals can find new ideas in their chosen market.

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