Tags and wholesale labels are items used in packaging and gift wrapping. They ensure the recipient can quickly and easily see whom the parcel is from, as well as allowing the sender to denote who the package is for. Tags and wholesale labels are typically made from card with a length of string or ribbon attached to the tag, as this allows the user to attach the tag or label to the parcel with adhesive tape or glue. Wholesale labels and tags often come in a traditional manila colour with a recognisable truncated rectangular shape, but can be all variety of shapes, colours and patterns. Buyers and traders seeking to purchase tags and labels wholesale should visit to connect with a quality labels manufacturer.

Tags and labels differ from other items of packaging materials such as gift wrapping, packaging bags, boxes, tins or cartons as these items are intended for the purpose of physically wrapping or containing objects. Tags and labels complete the overall packaging, as well as fulfil a purpose that other packaging materials fail to meet. Tags and labels specifically inform the recipient. The information is most commonly whom the parcel is from and whom it is for, but a tag or label can be used to denote any information required, such as the vital information for customs and shipping companies. Providing this information is an important function that other items of packaging materials do not fulfil.

Any buyer looking for quality supplier labels and tags should visit As an important example of packaging materials, tags and labels are consumable items that will be in regular demand.

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