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Paper and packaging is an essential element of the gift world industry, and designer paper and packaging is an exclusive niche in this industry sector. Designer paper and packaging is distinct from standard, wholesale items and often boasts a unique style or design. Tastes vary, though items such as handmade wrapping paper created by single artists, or specially designed gift boxes and decorations make up part of the designer packaging industry. Essentially, designer paper and packaging stands out from the mass-produced packaging wares. Owing to this exclusivity, designer paper and packaging is higher in price and production costs, and is marketed to a more affluent end consumer.

Designers of paper products spend much of their working day on producing patterns and styles of packaging for large designer stores. For consumers purchasing high-end, high-quality designer products, the packaging has to reflect the quality of the product it holds. Packaging accessories like bows in all shapes and styles, ribbon, crinkly, straight or curly, and cards for that personal message can be added to make the packaging as unique as the gift. The consumer demand for designer paper and packaging is continuous, though traders will do well to keep up with their target audience to ensure demand needs are met.

The designer products paper and packaging market is enormous, and designers, manufacturers, and wholesalers have the ideal opportunity to display their wares to a worldwide market by signing up to Not limited to the packaging industry, shops and stores in many industries may require stocks of designer paper and packaging on offer to add a sophisticated complement to their standard stock supply.

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