Designers for Packaging

Protection of the product contained within and eye-catching design are the chief requirements of effective packaging. Designers for packaging must draw the attention of the consumer to that particular product brand. In such a busy and over-crowded market, it is vital for established brands and newly launched ones alike to utilise creative and distinctive packaging to ensure their products are successful, as well as securing customer loyalty. Vibrant colour, bold typography, illustration and innovative use of form can all contribute to a packaging’s success in selling a product. Some packaging even incorporates the product itself into the design. From establishing a brand or product fresh on the market, to injecting new life into an existing one, exciting designers for packaging able to deliver creative and original ideas can be located on

Cost-effectiveness is another important consideration for designers. Elaborate and expensive packaging may be suitable for certain goods, such as luxury and designer items, and less practical for others, such as food and beverages. Fortunately, good packaging design does not require the most expensive choice of materials. Something as simple as a well-designed label can be the deciding factor for a consumer when purchasing an unfamiliar bottle of mineral water or beer.

As preservation of the environment becomes of greater concern to the consumer, packaging design has reflected this trend. The use of biodegradable and renewable materials has spread throughout the packaging industry. Many products come in re-usable packaging, such as tins, ceramic pots and glass jars. Packaging is even designed to be re-used and converted into something else. Advances in packaging technology mean today’s materials are also lighter and more durable.

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