Boxes, Tins & Cartons

Boxes, tins and cartons are some of the more enduring forms of packaging, with it being possible to reuse and/or recycle these items after their initial use. If products aren’t wrapped in paper or plastic, they are encased in tin boxes, wooden or cardboard boxes, or cardboard cartons, depending on the product it is used to encase.

A tin manufacturer will produce tin boxes in any number of shapes and sizes for products which run into the hundreds of thousands. Although they are commonly called ‘tin’ cans, ‘tin’ boxes, and ‘tins’, a tin manufacturer uses steel or aluminium in the manufacturing process with just a thin film of tin to inhibit rusting. Tin wholesale companies will stock ranges of products to hold sweets and candy, to tins designed with company logos and plush linings to hold designer products. Tin wholesale commemorative products are popular items.

Companies that need wholesale boxes source products from a wide range of suppliers, including wood and cardboard box manufacturers, cardboard carton manufacturers, as well as tin box suppliers. While tin, cardboard, and wood are broadly the main materials for containers of all types (excluding glass), they are then sub-divided into various types. Tin beverage containers and tin boxes, even aluminium or ‘tin’ foil can be formulated into containers; generally for foodstuffs.

Companies which may specialise in manufacturing wooden boxes can be found using From large crates for overseas shipping, tea chests for shipping tea, large boxes for storing tools and other heavy goods, to balsawood jewellery boxes and other lightweight presentation boxes, wholesale boxes suppliers’ selection may include any of these types of cardboard boxes.

Although cartons are often placed in the same category as boxes, most companies that wholesale cartons specialise in cartons for the food and drinks industry such as milk cartons and juice cartons. Wholesale cartons for liquids can be cardboard based with layers of plastic laminate for sealing.

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