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Packaging textiles are the raw materials used by the packaging industry in the manufacturing of goods. Packaging products are consumed in large quantities throughout the developed world, and these materials and textiles are in high demand at all times, with suppliers available at With a constant supply of low cost packaging, the world of distributed trade and commerce is able to operate with an ever greater connectivity, and packaging textiles are found not only within all areas of professional and business life, but in the home, too.

As efficient distribution makes the sourcing of goods from remote locations both easier and more affordable, logistics services will rely increasingly on these textiles to provide secure packing products. Higher sales means a greater volume of stock in transportation, and a corresponding increase in the amount of packaging textiles being consumed at the source. The packaging industry has improved its products over the years, and has developed ways of making its products more affordable to clients, as well as being safer for the environment. Packaging textiles have played a key role in the provision of sustainable solutions for clients' packing and storage demands. Woven fabrics and other natural and man-made textiles are increasingly replacing plastic in many points of sale, as packaging for products as diverse as food, clothing, and accessories.

Some retail packaging adds value to the goods itself: a fabric or cloth bag may be bought, in place of a plastic bag which is provided free of charge. Hessian and hemp are popular choices, and emphasise the sustainable, ecologically friendly benefits of such packaging. Equally, some packaging requires bespoke fabric components for specific reasons. Fine goods which can be easily scratched or otherwise damaged in transit are commonly packed within fabric-lined cases: here, felt, silk and velvet are commonly used. For contacting suppliers of these essential packaging textiles, provides a global gateway to companies in this industry.

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