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Paper bags are, quite simply, bags that are made out of paper. Though they have a number of uses, the most common is that of a shopping bag. A paper bags manufacturer may make many different styles of bag, such as tote-style bags for shopping, or multi–wall sacks for bulk materials such as compost or sand. Depending on the paper bags manufacturer’s specialism, they may make a range of bags and sell them through a paper bags supplier or paper bags wholesaler, or they may just manufacture bags as part of a larger product. Wholesale paper bags enjoy a large market due to the sheer volume of bags used on a daily basis and supplies can be sourced by locating traders on

The more common brown paper bags are made from kraft paper, however, the aforementioned tote-style shopping bags can be made from any paper of any colour. Some paper bags may be laminated for an improved appearance; these are typically used in department stores. Other examples of paper bags include the sachets used to store disposable toothpicks, or single-use sugar.

As humanity continues to grow in awareness of its impact on the planet, wholesale paper bags remain popular due to the fact they can be easily recycled. In fact, some local laws require paper bags to meet a minimum percentage of recycled content. The packaging industry is under constant scrutiny due to the perceived wastefulness it engenders, and as such, changes are commonplace. It pays to stay informed on what suppliers have to offer, and can help traders, buying or selling, with access to the latest developments from the wholesale paper bags sector.

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