The stationary world is vast. Referring to stationery products such as cut paper, writing tools, consumables and smaller office supplies, manufacturers of such products have a broad consumer basis. These items are sometimes arranged in attractive themed sets and designed to be written on by hand or otherwise by computer printers and similar. Such products are organised under the parent category of Office Supplies and fully listed under the Stationery sub-category. In addition, further items can also be found under the sub-category of School Articles. Where stationery is specifically required for educational purposes, a wholesale supplier will usually include stocks of additional equipment such as geometry sets, sets of coloured pencils, cases and bags, plus ancillary items like erasers, sharpeners, rulers, and handheld electronic calculators.

Buyers, sellers and manufacturers of stationeries can find each other on to establish long-term business relationships. A manufacturer of Artist Paper, for example, can find a wholesaler buyer in stationary industry, thus increasing their consumer base. Manufacturers of cards and other paper products need to keep a reliable supply line of raw materials to ensure a steady output. All businesses in this industry face similar challenges, so managing an up-to-date list of contacts is an important aspect to consider in order to operate at an efficient and profitable level.

Some additional stationery items can also be found within other listings beyond those mentioned. Depending upon the specific item required, it may be worth checking the contacts for stationery-related products contained in the dedicated sub-categories Albums & Diaries, Office Paper, Cards and many more. By reaching out to other businesses in the industry, companies can find long-term partnerships that are mutually beneficial to all parties.

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128gsm matte photo paper A4

128gsm matte photo paper A4      Features: Instant dry Water resistant ( waterproof...



1CONZEPT don´t just sell a product - but we know our customers and their stores...


180gsm waterproof glossy photo paper

180gsm waterproof glossy photo paper Feature: Glossy coating provides a professional...


4A (USA) Limited

Our company established in 1994. Our factory in Shenzhen occupies an area over...


270gsm Premium RC satin(Semi-glossy) photo paper A4

270gsm Premium RC satin(Semi-glossy) photo paper A4 Features: Instant dry Water...


13sedicesimi Edizione Snc di Claudio Servetti e Silvia Caligaris

13sedicesimi is an italian company that produces hand bound and designed notebooks...


3 In 1 Game Card European Series

The educational cards, playing cards and memory matching cards in one game set.  There are toatl...


Seethong 555 Co., Ltd.

Seethong 555 Co., Ltd., the leader of envelope manufacturers under the brand “555...

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