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Albums and diaries are basic, yet essential items for organisation. Traditionally in the form of a book and sold together with other items of stationary, such as pens, folders and binders these organisers also have electronic forms which can be shared by numerous parties. A diary generally covers a 12 month period, and these 12 months may be spread over the calendar or academic year. There is a wide variety of possible layouts, with pages dedicated to one or several days, depending on the user's specific needs. Diaries come in any number of sizes, too. Large A4 models are often for table-top use, and smaller A5 and A6 versions are more suited to portability. It's not unusual for there to be a short opening section dedicated to an overview of the year and any national holidays or important events. Those searching for suppliers of wholesale diaries can check the information on

In a similar way, an album can also be used to capture the year's events. These are not necessarily restricted to any specific time period, rather can be customised as desired. An album tends to have blank pages or inserts which can be used to store photos or postcards from an important occasion. Especially popular with children, keeping family albums up to date, for example, is an enjoyable activity.

Both albums and diaries can be customised and are available wholesale. Wholesale diaries, for example, may be adapted to accommodate a company's logo and used as a promotional item at trade shows and fairs. Wholesale albums are useful for schools and craft groups, as well as making attractive gift options; they can be packaged together with other craft supplies or decorative paper and foils, for example. For these and other suppliers of wholesale stationary material, the website is a useful resource.

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