Decorative Papers & Foils

Decorative papers and foils have numerous applications in the creative world of arts and crafts. Whilst artist paper provides the blank canvas for artistic expression, decorative papers and foils are a means of adding vibrant colour and stunning visual effects to any stage of a creative project. From decoupage, card making and bookbinding, to enlivening everyday household items, such as lampshades and drawers, there are an unlimited number of possibilities for the creation of striking and eye-catching designs.

Suppliers of decorative papers wholesale on offer paper of various weights and textures. Woodcut, letterpress, silkscreen, stencil dye and batik are some of the traditional printing techniques used to create beautiful patterns, which vary from simple to the greatest complexity. The quality of paper is also far superior to that used for gift wrapping, and is often handmade. Some of the finest decorative papers wholesale are produced in Italy, Japan, India, Nepal and Thailand. Each country has its own distinctive styles and techniques of production that have remained relatively unchanged from generation to generation. From intricate floral patterns with intense bursts of colour, to bird and animal patterns, kimono patterns and themed prints in a vintage style, there is a seemingly unlimited wealth of imagery to inspire and motivate any artist or craftsperson.

Like papers, decorative foils are an integral part of crafting. Unlike decorative papers, foils utilise modern production techniques, as opposed to traditional ones. They come in a variety of weights and finishes, including metallic, holographic, marbled, matt and pearl. Used for creating relief prints, embossing and other decorative applications, they include foils with self-adhesive and heat transfer coatings.

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