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Designers for paper products channel their creativity into producing a diverse assortment of innovative, functional and attractive paper products with boundless practical and decorative uses. These include paper bags, gift boxes, gift wrapping, labels, tags, tubes, cones, folding boxes, cake boxes, greeting cards, seasonal & holiday decorations, napkins, tablecloths, containers & boxes and industrial packaging. Utilising traditional methods of production and the latest technologies for both printed and non-printed items, these products are designed to meet the demands and trends of the modern marketplace and traders or suppliers of these items can be found on

Sustainability is a key part of the paper manufacturing industry. Cutting edge innovation has greatly benefited the quality of recycled paper. Formerly associated with brown paper bags and paper towels, recycled paper is now used to make everything from designer greeting cards to robust industrial packaging. Designers for paper products that are highly disposable, such as coffee cups, hot food boxes and soup containers used by the restaurant trade, have an obligation to produce functional and environmentally friendly products.

Paper products also serve as an effective and cost-efficient marketing tool. Die-cut business cards, labels and tags in novel and unusual shapes are guaranteed to make an impression. Practical promotional items such as notebooks and blocks of note paper can incorporate eye-catching patterns or illustrations to make them desirable objects in themselves. Decorative paper products, such as gift wrapping or an elegant cake box, transform a humble object into something special. Paper pulp can be moulded into practically anything. With such a wealth of possibilities at their disposal, designers for paper products are up to the challenge of creating something truly exceptional.

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