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Wholesale office paper is perhaps one of the most significant items of stationary one may find in an office. It is bought in large quantities, has a high usage turn around, and often has specific methods of disposal that must be adhered to. Documents containing confidential or private information, for example, may need to be shredded, or waste paper may be recycled. A typical office paper supplier will also stock many kinds of stationary, whereas an office paper manufacturer will likely deal only in variants of paper. Suppliers of essential office materials can be sourced at

Office paper can come in many forms. Though plain sheets of paper are perhaps the most common, perforated paper is also used quite often. Generally speaking, an office paper manufacturer will also make other items of stationary, such as folder dividers and labels. An office paper manufacturer will tend not sell directly to consumers, but rather they will find a suitable office paper supplier and make an agreement to sell wholesale office paper to them directly. This supplier can then market and sell to buyers within their market.

Office paper is used for a great many things, from printing internal documents to invoices for clients. By far the most common use in a digital age is that of record keeping. Even as great effort may be put into digitising old paper-based records for the ease of access and redundancy it provides, companies still tend to prefer having a "hard copy" backup of their documents. These documents can range from internal memos, to client invoices, and even employee information. Digital mediums may have taken over the world of information storage, but there is still a place for the office paper industry. Using is a good way to keep up with all the latest information from this market.

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