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The term industrial design covers the professional service of developing products and systems with an optimum balance of function, worth and appearance on behalf of manufacturers and end-users. Working to a client brief, industrial designers don’t just innovate, but also revise and redefine existing products. They will need the means to work with raw materials, as well as to reconstruct materials which have already been manipulated, too. It follows that the term designer products is often reserved for items which show clear signs of being the sophisticated outcome of such processes.

An industrial-machinery example might be an improved manufacturing device where the product cycle had been refined, reducing the number of processes involved whilst simultaneously improving the quality of the output and speeding up the whole cycle. Similarly, a designer product in consumer terms is often an article of great beauty, and always an object where form and function are in complete harmony. Industrial design can also refer to the creation of goods on a mass scale, thus speeding up the rate of production. By implementing CAD CAM machinery, designers are able to realise their creations and promote them using the services provided by

Design philosophy has undergone many changes throughout time and often changes with each industry-relevant season. Some popular trends, for example, tend towards minimalist design with a general trend of convergence. An example of this process would be the development of textiles which are both totally weatherproof, whilst also remaining very cool and 'breathable' to maximise wearer comfort and minimise the need for alternative apparel. Such attire is often required for safety in industrial working conditions, and providers of wholesale designer industry wear can be found on

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