Air-conditioner refers to any mechanism that is used to condition air, namely, cooling, heating, venting, humidifying, dehumidifying, or purifying. Generally speaking, however, air-conditioning most commonly refers to cooling air. Devices to cool air can be as simple as a rotating fan used as early as the Eighth Century in China, and as complex as large hospital systems used to provide a negative pressure room for infectious diseases, or a cool, hypoallergenic atmosphere in a hospital operating room. Due to process applications, wholesale air-conditioning dealers have experienced an increase in the specialization of equipment. Air-conditioning is now used in processes that only take place under specific climate conditions, for example, animal breeding, plant nurseries, integrated circuits, computer data centres, mining, and nuclear power facilities.

The success of the air-conditioning manufacturer permitted the migration into and industrialization of geographical regions that were otherwise too hot and humid for human comfort, such as the southern United States. Wholesale and supplier markets of air-conditioners can take credit for major changes in architecture. Prior to the proliferation of air-conditioners, buildings in warmer climates needed to be narrow and with light wells in order to exploit natural ventilation. Today, air-conditioners mean buildings can be constructed taller and deeper. Southern countries in Europe such as, Greece and Malta, have seen an upsurge in the market of wholesale household units.

Since the late Eighteenth Century, air-conditioners increasing have become a necessary cog in the industrial machine. Now, any breakdown in the equipment can result in a commercial disaster for industrial meat freezers and long-distance transporters of perishable fruit and vegetables, or the loss of human life in the event of a heat wave. Given the industrial importance and specialization of air-conditioners, traders need to maintain good communication with wholesale air-conditioning companies. ensures any air-conditioning manufacturer and wholesale air-conditioning supplier can keep in touch in order to exchange the newest ideas.

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