Heating Engineering

Like other parts of the wider energy sector, such as power supply and air-conditioning, heating engineering is carried out on both large and small scales. Large-scale heating projects might be involved in keeping entire housing estates or factory complexes supplied with sufficient warmth. In other sorts of projects, heating engineering might come down to a small, local space such as a greenhouse or a temporary shelter, for example. Large or small, heating engineers tend to be well-versed in the principles of transferring heat from its source to where it is needed both efficiently and safely. This is why the industry often works hand-in-hand with the air conditioning sector. A system of ducting and pipework can often be used for both heating and cooling by a combination of passive thermal transfer and machine-controlled airflow. Such systems tend to be used in large buildings, such as warehouses, factory floors and shopping malls.

In domestic situations, most heating engineering is installed on a per household basis. In many homes, a private central heating system is installed which has one central power source, commonly a gas-fired boiler, and a system of heat distribution. Engineers are required for the maintenance of both boilers and the network of heating elements, usually pipes and radiators. Accreditation is often required to work on gas fuelled heating products, like convection fires and boilers, to ensure that safety standards are met. In addition to these types of system, electrical heating installations are now commonplace, along with newer approaches, such as underfloor heating systems. All of the latest heating products required by engineering firms are available for traders to view at the business platform, productpilot.com.

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