Pneumatics & Vacuum Engineering

Pneumatics involves pressurised air or special gases with pumps and strong metal components to provide stable vacuums. These assemblies then harness the laws of physics to provide movement force in conjunction with electric motors and actuators, typically in mechanised industrial systems and equipment. The number of possible implementations for this technology is extensive, though offers businesses the gateway for locating any pneumatics supplier.

Vacuum engineering uses pumps to create a partial vacuum. There are three grades of pump – high, middle and rough vacuum. The latter type is characteristic of industrial applications, with large plungers and a wide surface area that is sufficient to generate enough vacuum suction to power machinery while remaining stable and reliable. In contrast, smaller pumps that run at higher speed are more subject to strain.

From robotic arms to sealing vacuum bags, wholesale pneumatics and vacuum engineering specialists can be contacted via Examples of larger applications include sheet metal transfer, the formation of metallic boxes and cases, in addition to sheet milling and lathing in metal processing plants. In cable jetting, cables are quickly installed through ducts using compressed air. Compressed air brakes on trains, buses and trucks operate with pneumatic braking systems, while pressure sensors and alarm or motion detection systems also employ these engineering principles.

Medical systems use pneumatics and vacuum pumps in keyhole and normal surgery, as well as endoscope examinations in gastroenterology. Similarly, dentist and hygienist drills and polishers use compressors. Finally, exercise equipment and gas dampers also employ pneumatic principles. is ideal for pinpointing a wholesale pneumatics manufacturer or vacuum engineering consultancy, with an extensive choice of innovative specialists and online product showcases.

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