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For many different industries, a wholesale water supply is a necessity for both the workers and industrial processes. For human consumption, wholesale water supply products for employees come as purified water or spring water in individual bottles, or as table top or freestanding models. Water used for industrial purposes can either be acquired from the public supply or can be self-supplied, with most industries choosing the latter. Service providers and water suppliers can be found to ensure specific business requirements are met by using the online-portal productpilot.com.

In addition to an incoming water supply, waste water requires careful management as it is highly regulated and can affect the safety of the environment and residents in the area. Industries that require a water supply are agriculture and horticulture, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, food, beverage and tobacco, micro-electronics, mining and metallurgy, oil and gas, power generation, paper and pulp, and tourism hotels and resorts.

The typical industrial water supplier offers technologies and strategies for waste water reuse, boiler feed water and cooling water, all preferably without taxing the globally diminishing groundwater supply. The technologies involved in self-supplying water for the agriculture and horticulture industries and tourism hotels and resorts are the same and require mechanisms for disinfecting, SAR hazard prevention, desalination, filtration, and re-mineralization. These requirements are met with multimedia filtration and nano-filtration systems, reverse osmosis, and re-mineralization additives.

Power generation is arguably the largest consumer of water. The water supplier for power generation will specialize in applications for boiler feed water, waste water treatment, cooling water, and ultra-pure water. Apart from intense filtration, the technologies specific to power generation water supplies are ion exchanging and softening, corrosion control, and evaporating and crystallizing. The growing industry of micro-electronics is driving the market for high quality water. Self-supplying water technologies specific to the micro-electronics industry include treating water with ultraviolet light to eliminate microorganisms and to reduce the level of total organic carbon, which is usually accomplished with mercury vapor lamps. With the proliferation of technologies in the self-supplying water field, buyers and traders need to be aware of the newest products, which is possible with the suppliers at productpilot.com.

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