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The Environment & Recycling category relates to products and services focused upon recycling, which is the process of converting waste into fresh products; and environmental issues, which cover all aspects of sustainable living. Green processes and eco-friendly products are of major importance in the modern world which means no manufacturer can afford to ignore the implications of introducing a product or service to the market which has not undergone a thorough 'green audit'.

It’s not unusual for businesses to work hard to reduce their negative impact on the environment and use of natural resources. Offices may provide paper recycling facilities, for example, as well as ensuring that office waste is kept to a minimum. Not just limited to the use of natural resources, office managers may even consider the use of water purification and treatment facilities to ensure their workers enjoy a healthy supply of water. As these items are large and often heavy, productpilot.com can be used to locate delivery service providers, as well as product manufacturers.

Indeed, an array of industrial supplies, which are essential for the fundamental efficiency of companies and businesses, are related to securing a pleasant and healthy working atmosphere. These include sewage disposal and waste-water treatment facilities, water purification units and equipment, plus air and water conditioning and filtering systems of all kinds. This is one industry which also undergoes many developments, as the products available adapt according to the latest research in environmental issues.

As any manufacturer in this field will be aware, advances in ecological science feed into new legislative measures, which in turn influence the development of new and more effective products. A good example of this process is the growing use of geotextiles for erosion control, filtration and drainage. Because environmental issues are a global concern, those seeking eco-friendly products and recycling services will find many examples located in several related productpilot.com categories.

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