Air & Water Filtering Systems

The aim of the water filtering system and air filtering system is to remove harmful particles from the domestic or industrial environment. The harmful air-borne particles in a home that cause allergies and asthma attacks and require filtering include dust, dust mite faeces, pet dander, pollen and mould spores. Filtration systems are increasingly capable of removing finer particles such as bacteria and viruses. A home use air filtering system can kill a microorganism, as in thermodynamic sterilization or ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, filter out harmful agents, such as the HEPA air filtering system, or absorb the material as in the activated charcoal air purification system. Industries create toxic air borne substances in the form of noxious gases, oil mist, odours, and vinyl chloride to name a few, and these must be collected and removed for employee health and to protect capital investments. Industrial air purification systems are specific to the material being removed.

Point-of-use filters for home use can be attached to the water outlet or inserted in a jug and the water is poured through the water filtering system. The home use water filtering system typically uses carbon, nonporous ceramic, or microfiltration membranes. The objective of the industrial water filtering system is to control scaling and corrosion, which damages machinery, and to manage microorganisms and residual wastewater, which constitutes a danger to health and the environment.

The industrial water and air filtering system can be costly and difficult, but if not maintained regularly can result in catastrophes such as Legionnaires’ Disease or widespread pollution of the environment. Because the consequences can be dire, research to improve filtration systems is ongoing and advances come onto the market regularly. Manufacturers and buyers of air and water filtration systems use to ensure supply meets demand.

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