Erosion Protection Textiles

Erosion protection textiles are a field of technical textiles also known as geotextiles. When used in conjunction with a foundation material, they have the ability to provide protection against erosion from wind, rain and other weathering forces of nature. They are used in many forms of man-made structures and also have the ability to increase ground stability. provides the contact point for buyers to meet with dedicated textile manufacturers skilled in producing a diverse selection of erosion protection textiles suited to varied needs.

Coastal and waterway applications include protection against the erosion of cliffs and river banks and are also utilised in the construction of reservoirs, flood defence walls, ports and canals. When used in the construction of roads and railways they provide stability in the sub-strata while allowing water to drain through without undermining the structure. Their permeable characteristics are instrumental in ensuring they can be used in the reinforcement of banks and cuts along stretches of the transportation networks. The ability to produce the geotextiles with designs and signage make the material ideal for use as buried pipe and cable coverings, allowing easy identification of the type of cable while at the same time providing protection from the elements.

While textiles have been used in civil engineering projects for centuries, it is only recently that the ability to create synthetic fibres has allowed for the creation of durable geotextiles. Synthetic polymers can be knitted, woven or non-woven to create a lasting and non-biodegradable product with characteristics tailored to a specific job. The continual technical advances being made by the manufacturers found on provides buyers with established, as well as new and innovative, solutions to meet the challenges of their sector.

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