Control Systems

Control systems are designed to regulate or manage the behaviour and performance of systems and devices. They are typically used in industrial systems to control all kinds of machines and equipment; as such, the control system manufacturer designs these systems so that they ensure worker safety. Typically, control systems comprise hardware and software, or even microprocessor logic controllers. Engineering solution providers who wish to boost sales of control system products and services will find a useful resource for locating traders and experts in control systems.

A control system manufacturer will be able to recommend open loop systems, which respond to operator input only, or closed loop control systems that use feedback from process output to make adjustments. Closed loop systems can be used to optimise production processes and keep performance within set limits, dispense exact quantities, or to lift and handle goods and materials for packaging. It is common for manufacturing processes to be completely automated in this way.

Controller hardware systems are built with responsive and reliable duo processors featuring ports for network connections, as well as operator touch panels and digital displays for easy intervention.

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems can be used in computerised building control. These systems were originally developed in gas and water distribution pipelines and are suited for where operational data is used in real time to make effective decisions.

Smaller control systems utilise PLCs (programmable logic controllers), which offer flexibility and rapid response, especially useful where performance is important - such as high volumes and short cycle times. Typical PLC applications include positioning and motion control systems, or controlling torque in assembly tasks as well as for critical infrastructure.

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