Industrial Cooling Systems

Industrial cooling systems are those which remove, or reject, heat from process or manufacturing operations. There are many types of industrial cooling system, but the least expensive and most-energy efficient are those that work by cooling air through the evaporation of water. So-called “evaporative” cooling requires a constant supply of water and air circulation. Industry traders can be found at for these essential systems.

Water cooling, on the other hand, works by introducing a flow of water to absorb and remove heat. In a closed water cooling system, water is heated, cooled and circulated without direct contact with the outside air. Evaporation is minimal, so the water only needs to be replaced in the case of leakage or repair and, in the meantime, remains clean and uncontaminated.

Open water cooling systems rely on a large cold water supply in the vicinity or, in its absence, cooling towers. Cooling towers work by trickling water down the tower through a series of artificial obstructions, or baffles, to create a large surface area and blowing air up the tower to evaporate some of the water.

The design of an industrial cooling system is not only limited by the availability of water as a coolant. Collecting large volumes of water from natural sources can have an impact on the aquatic environment and even physically transport fish and other organisms, while releasing large volumes of warm water into the same sources can be equally disruptive to the ecosystem, if not carefully controlled. Even in the case of evaporative industrial cooling systems, an industrial cooling systems manufacturer must be give thought to the amount and type of dissolved solids concentrated in cooling water left behind.

Other limiting factors that an industrial cooling systems manufacturer must consider include the local climate and, of course, the space available for construction work. is a professional choice for networking within the industry.

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