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Industrial equipment & components are used throughout large-scale manufacturing and processing, as well as for building and maintaining electrical and mechanical machines, tools and pneumatic and hydraulic systems. These machines are typically used for cutting, shaping metal, grinding, drilling or assembly. Depending on the sector concerned, hybrid industrial equipment may embrace more than one engineering discipline such as electric motors, electronic control devices, pneumatic compressors and hydraulic jacks.

Replacement industrial component supplies are required for preventive maintenance and routine servicing, in addition to repairing defective items. Pneumatic mechanisms and components form the moving parts of some types of automatic industrial machinery, whereas hydraulic systems make ease of lifting heavy loads such as vehicles or construction equipment. Conversely, in the textile industry, embossing machines and presses are used with other specialist apparatus to produce clothes and shoes.

This broad category also includes motors, washing and drying systems and HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning), in addition to refrigeration and cooling. Additionally, lighting equipment delivers the illumination necessary in production facilities, combining performance with energy efficiency. From pipelines and valves to clean room filters and purifiers, components include bearings for rotating machinery, engines and pulleys as well as fastenings, gaskets, filters, seals and o-rings for engines and compressors.

Quality and reliability are key considerations when selecting supplies, in the drive to maximise serviceability and minimise faults. Business buyers looking to locate an industrial component manufacturer will find numerous supplier contact listings on, offering solutions and business contacts on a global scale. Equally, specialist industrial component and equipment suppliers have the opportunity to profile their company, too.

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