Industrial Washing & Drying Systems

Industrial washing and drying systems are capable of high-volume washing and drying of a variety of materials and items. Some examples of industries requiring an industrial washing system and industrial drying system are food processing and serving establishments, international shipping companies, and laundry services for hotels and hospitals.

Commercial public laundries provide self-serve vended laundering equipment. Vended self-serve washers are usually front loading with a horizontal axis and use gravity to drain water. Separate extractors reduce the time taken to dry laundry and are therefore energy efficient. The key features of a vended dryer are tumble drying, axial air flow design, and multiple point suspension.

An industrial washing system has an automatic injection system to dispense up to five different chemicals. An industrial washing system can process up to 800 pounds of textiles in a single load and are capable of heavy-duty tasks such as textile dyeing, bleaching, and stone washing. Tunnel washing systems move textiles through successive stages in a long rotating tunnel. An industrial drying system will differ according to the textile being dried. Looper dryers employ a vertical air flow so the fabric does not move out of position and are used for heavy textiles needing an extended dying time such as carpeting and upholstery. Slasher dryers have a low velocity design appropriate for yarns that are susceptible to twisting and stretching.

Industrial washing and drying systems for non-textile materials vary according to the material being cleaned and dried. For example, modern technology enables industrial machinery to be loaded onto a conveyor belt with the washing and drying conducted with a pre-set program operated by a computer.

Industrial washer and dryers are moving towards more efficient computerized systems. Buyers and traders of high quality industrial washing and drying systems can rely on to provide them with the most up-to-date products.

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