Adhesive & Joining Technologies

Adhesive & Joining Technologies are essential to many industries. This technology ensures any number of materials can be joined together, which is vital in many sectors of construction. From the largest buildings, bridges, pipes, planes and trains, to the smallest digital devices and medical implants, advanced adhesive technology and joining techniques have had to be developed for use with these materials in different manufacturing processes. Without this technology, many industries and processes would not be able to operate, though can be used to ensure manufacturers and traders of joining technology can be found.

The advances in adhesive technology have produced simple, inexpensive, efficient, and most importantly, reversible bonding. The automotive industry relies heavily on modern adhesive and joining technology to be able to maintain cost effective production while considering improved recycling solutions of the materials. Adhesive technology uses nanoparticles, which are magneto sensitive and function correctly using electro-magnetic fields. This research is designed to improve bonding processes, resistance to loads, dismantling and recycling processes, while reducing costs.

Welding and other forms of joining technology are a fundamental part of both the manufacturing and engineering industry. Processes such as laser, arc, resistance welding, and electron beam welding, are constantly being researched and improved. Old style joining technology such as soldering and brazing techniques have been improved alongside modern non-fusion processes like ultrasonic and friction welding.

With the development of new composites and plastics, alongside metals and ceramics, so welding and joining processes have been advanced and improved. Methods have even been developed to weld wood. Companies involved in the research, development, manufacture and distribution of all types of modern bonding and joining adhesives, equipment, and processes can be found at

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