Building Materials

Due to the wide ranging nature of the construction industry, the number of products supplied by the wholesale building materials sector is virtually limitless. All manner of product adaptations are going on at any one time along with the development of entirely new products in their own right. Generally speaking, the industry regards new products used as construction materials under four criteria: their economic cost, their energy cost, their social cost and their ecological cost. The last of these is becoming increasingly important with house building materials, reflecting consumer demand and governmental restrictions for low-carbon production methods.

Any building material supplier must take all of these factors into consideration when launching a product to market and – in many cases – must be able to adequately demonstrate their product's cost, be it ecological or otherwise. A typical building material supplier, such as can be found on, will produce finished products such as roof tiles, bricks, blocks, foundation pins, glazing and so on. The materials used in such products are varied and could be anything like wood, sand, clay, glass, concrete and stone. In addition, wholesale building materials are increasingly made from recycled materials, such as thermal insulation products which are made from old plastic which would otherwise have gone to a landfill site.

The construction sector is one that is fast-moving and in which new products can dramatically affect the costs of a project, not least due their ease of installation. Therefore, a wide range of professionals need to keep updated with all of the latest building materials that they might come into contact with. Traders, buyers and other professionals, like engineers and architects, can stay in touch with the best new materials at

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