The modern textiles industry produces yarn, cloth and fabrics as well finished clothing. In addition to working with traditional raw materials such as cotton, manufacturers also use modern man-made materials developed by the chemicals industry. Wholesale textiles trading occurs on a global scale and many in the wholesale textile industry operate as service providers offering design services, whilst others are active in the wholesale textiles distribution sector. A glance through the textiles listings on productpilot.com will also show that modern textile wholesale production requires a sophisticated range of textile machinery, as has been the trend throughout most of the textile industry's long history.

Whilst productpilot.com is an excellent resource for locating yarns, fabrics, clothing textiles and similar, many in the textiles wholesale trade will also appreciate that the productpilot.com portal is also a tried-and-tested means of making important contacts within the industry. Those who are looking to secure useful B2B textile industry contacts, either on the supply or demand side, will find many of the textiles business community on productpilot.com are similarly anxious to do the same.

The textiles industry appears to be slowly moving away from its once-overwhelming reliance on natural products. Business analysts suggest cotton and wool are exhibiting a downward trend whilst, away from these commodities, synthetic fibers are becoming an increasingly prominent feature across world markets. And whilst China and India remain the industry's traditional 'big players', many smaller nations are also starting to make an impact, especially as regards appealing to middle-class consumers. Though productpilot.com's listings in Textiles & Leather are extensive, related categories such as Home, House & Garden; Industrial Supplies; and Protection & Security also contain some relevant products and services.

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Bindings made of various materials

We produce binding from woven fabric, knitted fabric, fleece and foils using materials...


Graf & Co GmbH Technologie Service

The Graf company has built up an international reputation based on its range of chemical...


Cutting bindings

We cut bindings according to requirements and qualities • out of our or your material...


Krass + Wissing GmbH Textile Bänder

Quality bindings since 1958 We have been supplying binding in an efficient, competent...



Mustaqim textile products represent a delightful combination of high level of workmen...


Mustaqim Dyeing and Printing Ind. (PVT) Ltd.

Group History Serving the world through quality The creation of Gani & Tayub...


Processing of bindings

We process bindings • single-, double- or multifolded bindings • sewn bindings...


Silwa Bond

Solvent-free bonding agent for PES and PA filament threads or technical threads Water...

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