Industrial Chemicals

Industrial chemicals is a blanket term used to describe many different types of chemicals, including elements, compounds and constituents of mixtures. Wholesale industrial chemicals include not only laboratory chemicals but also constituents of everyday, domestic products, such as adhesives, cleaning products, paint and toiletries among others. Suppliers of these chemicals can be sourced via the business website.

The major wholesale industrial chemicals are adhesives, alkalis, chlorine, detergents, industrial gases and plastic materials, but the most common industry chemical of all is sulphuric acid. Sulphuric acid is a very highly potent acid used primarily in the production of fertilisers, but also dyes, explosives, lead-acid batteries, pharmaceuticals and many other products. An industrial chemicals supplier may also produce sulphuric acid for use a reactant in chemical reactions, such as electroplating metal or refining petroleum.

Of course, the chemical industry is highly regulated and each industrial chemicals manufacturer is governed by a variety of national and international laws, agreements and strategies to protect the health of the human population, and the environment, from industrial chemicals. Sulphuric acid, for example, is a highly corrosive substance and, as such, is subject to strict safety guidelines for handling and storage. Concentrated sulphuric acid can ignite, or explode, if exposed to certain other industrial chemicals, while sulphuric acid released into the environment dissolves in water vapour and contributes to the formation of acid rain.

The chemical industry is one of the largest manufacturing industries in the world, including in developing countries and, directly and indirectly, creates hundreds of thousands of jobs worldwide. provides the ideal rendezvous for anyone involved in the business of chemistry, whether an industrial chemicals manufacturer, supplier or trader.

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