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Paper and cardboard have been manufactured for thousands of years and are useful materials in a number of industries. Although the production process of wholesale paper has been made more efficient throughout its history, the underlying technique – of pressing of pulped fibres of wood or cloth into thin sheets – has remained largely unchanged. Paper is valued because of its low unit cost and its ability to be adapted for use in multiple applications. It is used to record and store information and data in the production of official documents, in packaging and in media and advertising copy. From the office clerk to the market trader paper is considered a day-to-day consumable of business and suppliers of which are available on

Cardboard is a heavier duty material, comprising multiple layers of paper pressed together to form a rigid board. Coarse and durable - though remaining lightweight - cardboard is a primary resource for distribution logistics and delivery companies, where it is used for packaging. With the growth of online commerce, secure packaging is increasingly required for all products, generating fresh revenue streams for cardboard wholesale suppliers.

Paper and card stock is traditionally graded by its mass, which is measured in grams per square metre (GSM). Different types of paper and cardboard will be more appropriately suited to different tasks, and a paper manufacturer can advise on the suitability of any product. For instance, cardboard with a rigid core will be suitable for display stands or gaming components, whereas a bulk purchase of wholesale paper may be ideal for use in offices and schools. A paper supplier will typically carry a large inventory of products which cover a range of consumer options – from specialist items to wholesale paper stock.

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