Generally speaking, polymers cover two main extremes. A polymer is a large molecule with a wide range of properties. They are typically synthetic - such as plastics or natural - for example DNA. The naturally occurring kind of polymer is essential to biological function, whereas the synthetic kind of polymer is used in a very large number of everyday things. Polymers are essentially created when a number of small molecules undergo a process called "polymerization", creating a molecular compound that is tougher than the original molecules. A typical polymer manufacturer at productpilot.com will supply to many industries due to the wide range of products that use the compound. Some products that a polymer supplier may contribute to include nylon, polystyrene, any product that has synthetic rubber in its composition, and many more.

Though individual polymers producer companies have their own business models, a typical polymer manufacturer will supply to other businesses only, and not sell polymer–based products themselves. Many of such products are used for safety–critical purposes, such as water pipes or, more crucially, fuel pipes. In these cases inferior products can cause serious damage and even harm, so it is crucial that a polymers manufacturer ensure their products are of the highest standard. That being said, degradation of polymer–based products such as fuel pipes is unavoidable and they will need replacing from time to time, meaning contact with a polymer manufacturer is an essential business resource.

The scope for polymer-based products is huge given the sheer volume of things that use polymers, making the market extremely lucrative for a polymer manufacturer or polymer trader. The nature of producing polymers makes it something of a specialist trade, however, and technological advances are always a force for change. Productpilot.com can help traders stay informed of any such changes.

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Bluestar Silicones France SAS

Bluestar Silicones is one of the world’s leading fully integrated silicone manufacturers...


Silicone ink bases

Our technologies can be used for compounding textile printing inks, for high quality...


Jowat SE

Jowat SE with headquarters in Detmold is one of the leading suppliers of industrial...


Silicone Rubber Pad MILKY WHITE

Model NO: SIP-VN-10 (Medium) Silicone Rubber Pad MILKY WHITE Hardness: 15°~21° Shore...


Shanghai Xuanzhou Industry Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Xuanzhou Industry has been engaged in the development and production of various...


Silicones for airbags

Bluesil™ Textile Coating Silicones are designed to ensure the right deployment performance...


Silicones for lace coating

With their unique and controlled anti-slip properties, Silbione® Textile Coating...


Silicones for technical coatings

Bluesil™ Textile Coating Silicones products are exceptionally resistant to environmental...


SIP-HS-45 Silicone Foam RED

Model NO: SIP-HS-45 Silicone Foam RED Regular Size: 1300mmX1000mmX(6mm; 7mm; 8mm...


SIP-TB-6 (hard)

Model NO: SI-TB-6 (Hard) Silicone Rubber Pad GREY Hardness: 15°~21° Shore A Regular...

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