Wood is a hard, organic material sourced from trees. Wood is specifically a fibrous and porous material which forms part of the xylem of a tree, able to support great weight and transfer water to the leaves. Wood has been used for thousands of years, both as a fuel and as a means of building. The modern construction industry still uses vast quantities of wood and its by-products, though many companies also focus on regenerating these natural resources, too.

Wholesale wood is a popular commodity for those trading to the construction industry, owing to the fact that it is a highly diverse material. Traders can find a wood supplier at productpilot.com to form a cost-saving relationship. There are many varieties of wood which have distinct properties and uses, opening opportunities with different markets, from furniture making to building.

A wood manufacturer will produce a selection of stock, depending on the trees they use. The broadest categories are hardwood and softwood, which refer to the material’s distinct properties. Balsa wood comes from the balsa tree and despite being classified as a hardwood, it is in fact very soft. Balsa wood is also very light, making it a common choice for craft and hobby products.

Wholesale wood used for construction and offered by a wood trader is sometimes referred to as lumber. Dense, tough woods like oak were traditionally used for building, but this varies now that most structures use a combination of wood and other materials. Wood is often used to make support beams, but also sees use in decorative touches like wooden flooring and furniture, some of which is hand made.

Wholesalers may consider stocking wood alongside other building consumables like glass and metals, to cater to every aspect of a project. Essential resources such as these can be sourced from wood traders at productpilot.com.

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