Automation Technology

Automation technology provides leading edge solutions ranging from relatively simple systems to the most complex installations for industrial use. These can involve combined engineering disciplines and specialities, such as pneumatics, hydraulics and robotics in addition to electrical and electronic engineering. The technology aims to improve precision, accuracy and quality; as such, these technological solutions are essential to the success and smooth running in many industry sectors, not to mention worker safety.

A wide variety of applications includes operating and optimising machinery usage, controlling factory production lines and steering or navigation systems in ships and aircraft. Trials on a prototype automated driverless car also utilise this technology. Increasingly, some home automation technology (intelligent building) applications are used in residential properties and offices to manage appliances, energy usage and ambient conditions. offers interested parties an outlet to discover suppliers and services related to automation technology. This is undoubtedly one sector of industry which requires expert knowledge and experience.

In industrial processes, the most ideal systems aim for seamless integration to add value. Implementations typically include computer hardware, firmware or software or smaller dedicated microprocessors and logic controllers of various types. Systems which use PLCs (programmable logic controllers) are very flexible and have fast response times so they are often preferred in applications where performance is a key factor – typically those with short cycle times or high volumes. Implementations include positioning control or motions systems, or for specific tightening forces and torque control in robotic tasks on assembly lines. Here, systems are designed and installed to handle and lift objects, spray precisely or mete out precise quantities of liquids and wrap goods. Many industrialized processes have been automated in this manner.

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