Butchering & Processing Technology

Butchering and processing technology is used throughout the food industry to make the processing of meat simple, effective and efficient. Food processing technology needs to process food quickly and cleanly, and the equipment must also be safe for the operators to use. This processing machinery is a necessity in the food industry. Meat from chickens, turkey and other poultry, as well as fish, pork, lamb and beef products will all need to processed in particular ways.

This machinery may be used to cut or mince meat, or remove bones, ready for packaging. The meat may then go through further production techniques such as being reformed, coated, cooked or frozen. For meat that is already cooked, the processing equipment may simply be used to slice the meat. This would be, for example, for use as sandwich meats. Especially where meat is concerned, the machinery used to process the product has to maintain impeccable standards of hygiene. Oftentimes designed to reduce human contact and possible contamination with the meat, approved butchering processing technology is essential to the international food processing industry.

Some pieces of butchering technology are more sophisticated than others. The machinery designed to provide accurate portions will, for example, have to incorporate weighing systems. Butchering and processing equipment must also be well maintained. This means replacement parts, such as new blades, should be readily available, though productpilot.com provides a useful database for locating manufacturers and suppliers of butchering equipment. These machines often feature knives or rotating blades and when these blades are worn through use and become blunt, they will be ineffective and the cuts made to the meat will be less clean. This could even damage the meat that is being processed.

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