Equipment & Tools for Animal Slaughter

Due to the large amount of health and safety regulations which surround the slaughter of animals in large numbers, much of the equipment and tools used in animal slaughter is supplied by specialist manufacturers or wholesalers for abattoirs directly. Although some knives that are used in animal slaughter are also suited to the consumer market, many of them are not. Traders can discover a wide range of specialist slaughtering equipment and new automation ideas by referring to Designed to be extremely sharp and durable – as a result of their continued use – slaughter tools often need professional training to be handled safely.

Part of the wider meat processing industry, slaughter tools include serrated boning knives, hand saws and sharpening tools. In industrial abattoirs, slaughtering operatives will often work on a particular area of the animal with the carcass passing down from one station to the next on a slaughter equipment line. Therefore, meat hooks designed for the particular carcass being processed are important slaughter tools, too, even though they do no actual cutting. When the carcass is cut down to enable individual joints to be processed, they often pass over plate conveyors between work stations, another typical slaughter tool.

Given the normal use of slaughter tools means that they will come into contact with the flesh of animals, hygiene is an important aspect of industry practices. Many tools used in slaughtering are made from stainless steel, not just because of its high strength, but because it can be cleaned relatively easily, ready for use again. Although some slaughter tools can be used on more than one sort of carcass, some manufacturers make automated equipment which is much more specialised, like mechanical pig head removers, for example.

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