Industrial Hygiene

Industrial hygiene helps organisations to control and eliminate health hazards in the work place. Health hazards may include biological hazards, such as bacteria and viruses, chemical hazards, such as airborne contaminants in fumes or vapours and physical hazards, such as noise or vibration.

Even in an office environment, air conditioning systems, laser printers and photocopiers can introduce health hazards from indoor pollution, while working with computers can introduce ergonomic health hazards, such as glare, incorrect posture and repetitive strain injury. In any case, the role of the industrial hygienist is to identify and assess hazardous agents and activities, as well as offering advice on eliminating or reducing exposure.

Industrial hygiene professionals rely on scrupulous scientific techniques to protect the wellbeing of employees, their families and the wider community. These professionals must, for example, recognise biological, chemical, physical and other hazards, understand how they can affect the human body and design control strategies in keeping with local legislation. They usually require many years of academic study and professional, hands-on experience to achieve competency in the field of industrial hygiene. As a result, the advice they provide is typically accurate, impartial and reliable. Companies that require the services of these professionals can use to locate providers.

Organisations may require industrial hygiene services as part of a risk assessment process or to comply with legislation, but above and beyond meeting health and safety objectives, such service help to create a more comfortable, safer working environment. Improvements to technology and working processes can increase productivity, while reducing sickness costs and the number of employees having to take early retirement as the result of ill health or injury. is a focal point for anyone involved in the industrial, or occupational, hygiene business.

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