Meat Processing Systems

Meat processing systems are the methods, equipment, and processes that are involved in transitioning an animal from livestock to meat ready for human consumption. In the modern world meat is a big industry, and meat processing systems are essentially a big machine that mass–produces meat in previously inconceivable numbers. Though meat processing systems do not inherently include the breeding of an animal, it is sometimes considered part of the process.

The first stage of meat processing involves slaughtering the animal in question. The method of slaughter can vary from animal to animal, and other considerations such as religious requirements can also be a factor. That being said, the most common method of slaughter is to first stun the animal and then drain it of blood in a process called "exsanguination". Death may occur from either of these two stages, however draining the animal of blood is necessary regardless of whether it survived stunning, as blood gives meat an unappealing look, and increases the likelihood of disease breading in the meat.

The next stage of processing involves dressing and cutting the meat. This involves removing unwanted parts of the animal. What is considered "unwanted" will vary from animal to animal, as well as from market to market, but commonly include things like the head, feet, hide, and excess fat to name a few. From there, meat is conditioned and any additives added. The conditioning is crucial for getting a tender, flavourful meat. The exact additives used will vary from meat processor to meat processor, though many common additives are used in most meat processing systems.

With constant advancements in technology and un–ending ethical debates about eating meat and how it is processed, staying on top of developments in this sector is essential. can help traders do just that, with access to all the latest developments.

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