Scalding & Smoking Systems

Scalding and smoking systems are items of equipment used in the meat processing industry. A scalding system is a method of pre-treating a carcass in preparation for the removal of feathers or hair. The carcasses are immersed in hot water, scalded through means of condensation or sprayed with steam. Feathers or hair can then be removed far more easily and with greater speed. A smoking system is a method of treating meat that was originally used as a method of preservation, before the advent of refrigeration. Following the developments in food preservation, however, the smoking of meat is usually done purely to add a distinctive flavour and aroma to the finished product. A smoking system will typically involve generating smoke through the burning of wood or similar medium and circulating the smoke over the meat. Buyers and traders of scalding and smoking systems can find suppliers of the latest products by visiting

A smoking system or scalding system is technology from the meat processing industry that will typically sit alongside other equipment such as slaughtering technology, meat processing systems, automation technology and butchering technology. Each will fulfil a role in the journey from unprocessed carcass to finished product. A scalding or smoking system is an important cog in the machinery that is meat processing, ensuring that quality produce can be manufactured. Indeed, smoked meat, as with any other meat products, has to meet basic hygiene standards and be safely packaged prior to further sale. Companies in the meat processing industries will always be on the lookout for high-quality scalding and smoking systems, as well as other necessary food manufacturing products. Buyers and traders looking to find manufacturers and suppliers of scalding and smoking systems can do so using

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