Slaughtering Technology

Slaughtering technology refers to the methods, theory and practices governing slaughterhouses, in which domesticated animals such as cattle, pigs and sheep are killed for food. Slaughtering technology has advanced significantly in recent decades, such that slaughterhouses are more efficient and safer than ever before. The technology used in this industry sector undergoes much development, though businesses can use to identify the suppliers they need.

Slaughterhouse technology can essentially be divided into stunning, killing, meat cutting and further processing. Recent developments in slaughterhouse technology include pneumatic, captive bolt, stun guns with adjustable pressure settings, so that they can render larger animals, such as older cattle and bulls, unconscious with a single shot, but are equally suitable for low and high volume operations.

The latest devices for electrically stunning pigs can detect the electrical resistance of the animal, which varies according to skin thickness, hair cover and other factors, and adjusts the current delivered accordingly. As far as sheep are concerned, pneumatic stunning boxes, ritual slaughtering boxes, restrainers and bleeding systems are all technological devices found in the modern abattoir.

Of course, it is impossible to consider slaughtering without considering the treatment of live animals immediately prior to slaughter. Changes in legal and social expectations regarding animal protection and well-being, not to mention hygiene, resource and energy management and waste disposal, have had an impact on developments in slaughtering technology.

Correct slaughtering techniques are vital to the quality of the finished product. Faulty stunning can cause bone fracture, bleeding and bruising, while skinning or eviscerating can cause damage that renders some or all of it unsuitable for further processing. Similarly, poor hygiene standards during or after slaughtering can result in contamination of the meat by pathogenic bacteria that renders the finished product unusable. To obtain modern, safe slaughtering technology, can be used to find suppliers.

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