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Measuring technology can come in a number of forms depending on the thing that is being measured. Ostensibly a means of determining the size, amount, or degree of something, measuring can apply to anything from determining the length of a bedroom wall to documenting the distance from Earth to a particular celestial body. Similarly, it can apply to measuring the volume of the aforementioned bedroom, or the mass of the aforementioned star. Due to the vastly different methods employed, a measuring instruments manufacturer will typically specialise in one area or another. For example, the manufacturer of a simple measuring tape is unlikely to also manufacture electron microscopes. A measuring instruments supplier has more freedom in their product range as they are not tied to what they produce, and can buy stock from multiple measuring instruments manufacturer companies, with many available on

There is a large degree of crossover between the work undertaken by a measuring instruments manufacturer, and that of a testing instruments manufacturer. It is often the case that "testing" a thing requires measuring it, and even that the test in question is a measurement itself. One example of the product of a testing instruments manufacturer crossing over into the realm of measurement is an electrochemical gas sensor, which detects gases by measuring the amount of current produced when the atmosphere it samples is oxidised. It is not uncommon for a measuring instruments supplier to stock both kinds of products in the instances where they are not simply one product that is both measurement and testing device. Any market with such a broad scope and high degree of technology is liable to change with new advances. can help buyers and sellers with access to the latest products direct from the supplier.

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