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Publishing houses offer a wide variety of services for the industrial goods sector, including many publications that are specifically designed for certain products, such as user instruction manuals and user guides. The sector also provides plenty of how to references for users to be able to get a wider picture of industrial goods they happen to be interested in, for example books that cover car maintenance generally rather than focussing on a specific model of vehicle. Publishing services in the industrial sector are also important when it comes to the production of warning signs and worker safety information.

Publishing houses produce much more written material than is used by heavy industry alone. As the industrial sector is one which undergoes constant development, machinery which was once considered as essential may now even be considered a collectible – a fact which is especially true of miniature models produced for children, for example. Publishing houses publish material on antiques, collectibles, craft books, interior design, garden services and food services, to name but a few lighter industries. Although these publications do not necessarily market individual business within their given sector, they often act in a promotional way, to help foster a better understanding and to encourage new uses of products. Overall, therefore, publishing houses have a crucial role in helping to build up markets and to promote businesses in new territories, perhaps where they have never operated before using the power of images and words. Publishing companies with experience in making pamphlets, instruction manuals, user guides and books that relate to industrial goods can be sourced using

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ABIMAQ - Associacao Brasileira da Industria de Maquinas e Equipamentos

The Brazilian Machinery and Equipment Association (ABIMAQ) was founded in 1975...


aditec GmbH

aditec was founded in 1987. We specialize in project planning, software development...


Alectia A/S

ALECTIA is an Independent Engineering and advising company to the Food Industry...


ATP architekten ingenieure

ATP architects engineers is Europe’s leading integrated design company with 600...


Attec Danmark A/S

Attec Danmark A/S is an independent company with responsibility for production...


BANSS Schlacht- und Fördertechnik GmbH

BANSS supplies the most modern slaughtering and meat processing systems, as well...

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