Document Shredder

A document shredder is a device that is designed to destroy confidential paperwork to prevent unauthorised use of the information contained in them. They are used by businesses, governments and organisations who often have sensitive internal documents, as well as confidential information regarding their customers. They are also commonly used by individuals safeguarding their personal information from identity thieves and fraud cheats. Buyers can find solutions for their document shredder needs on with various manufacturers offering a selection of devices.

Shredders come in a variety of sizes, and selecting a suitable device depends on the needs of the customer. Smaller devices, designed for households with children, may include safety features such as sensors that stop the machine if it detects fingers too close to the blades. Quieter machines may be chosen for use in a public work area, and these may include features such as a sleep mode to reduce energy usage, detectors that limit feeding loads in order to prevent jams or self-cleaning modes to prevent waste build up on the blades. Another consideration in choosing a shredder is the level of confidentiality of the documents that are to be destroyed.

A document shredder is given a security rating based on the size and shape of its shred with higher security ratings given to machines that produce the smaller shreds. There are strip cut shredders that slice sheets into full width strips, cross cut shredders that double cut the paper to confetti type shreds and grinder machines that repeatedly cut the paper into even smaller pieces. Businesses and organisations dealing with large volumes of information may even choose truck mounted machines which can shred thousands of kilograms of paper per hour.

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