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Within the tools & machinery industry—a huge market in and of itself—the machine components industry is a wide market that covers a number of different kinds of products. By definition a machine is a tool or apparatus that uses mechanical power to achieve a task, and is composed of multiple components. These components are the reason the machine components industry exists.

The nature of mechanical power often means wear and tear. Though some advanced technologies—such as magnetic levitation trains—can achieve motion with little to no friction, the overwhelming majority of machinery involves components moving against each other, often relying on lubrication to reduce the wear and tear that this causes. Unfortunately that wear and tear still occurs, and parts need replacing over time. A typical machine components supplier will deal in a lot of moving parts, such as gears, belts, and hydraulic components. That being said, other parts do occasionally need replacing, and machine components has come to include many other kinds of parts including but not limited to sensors, specialised computer components, and much more.

Though a machine components supplier may choose to fill as many needs as they can, offering components for a wide range of machines and brands, there are a great number of different machines by different companies, and they don't always use standardised parts that can be interchanged. For this reason, many suppliers choose to specialise in a particular manufacturer when it comes to the components they sell. Machinery is a technologically driven product. Any time a new technology arises that is safe and reliable and able to do a job better than an existing technology, it is soon incorporated into the industry. can help buyers and sellers stay up to date with these changes by allowing access to the latest developments.

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