Transport & Storage Technology

The allied topics of transport technology and storage technology are a key focus for businesses. These two factors essentially govern the means by which goods move from the manufacturer to the retailer and thus to consumer markets. Now that many more businesses have an international profile, and thus goods may have to move all over the world, the task of coordinating such movements is often referred to a business logistics.

For logistics experts, the essence of an efficient logistics system is to have 'the right item in the right quantity at the right time at the right place for the right price in the right condition to the right customer.' Transport technology contributes to these aims using state of the art communication systems, computer software to 'track and trace' the progress of all drivers, vehicle units, goods and deliveries, plus modern trucks with interiors optimised for the type of goods they carry. Likewise, storage technology utilises digital management systems to handle the warehouse storage and distribution of vast quantities of goods.

There are some products which need to be stored and transported in special conditions. Food produce, for example, as well as medical supplies need to be transported quickly or stored in such a way that their contents remain fresh and useable upon arrival at their destination. Special storage systems and transport technology can be employed which are temperature regulated, and providers of such services can be sourced on

Companies working in logistics often cooperate, especially when it comes to international trade. Items may have to be stored between shipments, and even portable storage options may be considered for smaller deliveries. Traders on an international scale can use and locate service providers as well as storage options.

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